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About Us
    Oceandeep is a brand combined of development,
    designing, produce, sales; we are focus on providing you
    mobile phone and tablet cases series. Now, we are
    handling Apple, HTC, Samsung , Nokia, Sony, Motorola,
    Blackberry,LG, etc...

    As a professional casing manufacturer,Ocean Deep
    has been in this line of business for 8 years since founded in 2010. Until now, we have our own office for  work, which combined production with development,
     sales.Our custom printing IMD(In-Mold Decoration) 
    factory locates in Guangming where not only has 
    abundant technological, electronic sources but also 
    experienced engineers while our leather factory is 
    in Baiyun, Guangzhou, a very good place with rich 
    leather raw materials and convenient transportation.

    With advantages of creation, designing,produce,
    our products could launch very rapidly. Oceandeep,
    Sen Kai, it is meaning of Deep Ocean in Cantonese,
    signified of vast, deep, qualified, also it has
    the meaning of insistence. Represent for victory, vitality,
    fashion. Oceandeep brings you a new life way and
    concept of self, active attitude-- Fashion, Delicacy,
    Simplicity. Oceandeep gets the trend and technology
    synchronizing, chasing real self-minded and quality and
    offering you new interesting products that makes your life
    more fabulous!